Monday, September 6, 2010


As I flip through the pages of my notebook I had come to realise, in another 2 weeks is going to be the deadline of my 10th edition! It felt like it was just yesterday we had finished FAR Magazine 9th edition.

9th edition

I have been working for myself for two years, building up one of my passion. To tell you the truth, long time ago I was one of the people who is not proud of where you came from. When I was studying overseas couple of years ago, I feel a bit annoyed that for a fact I am Indonesian. Yes it is very shameful of me and now I am not proud of how I use to think. Anyway, there I have met a lot of new friends which they are the local Indonesians. How I met these people through my current boyfriend. And not only them I get to know a lot of other Asians too (Philippines, Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese, etc). They kind of made me think from how proud of where they came from even though they have been living in another country. And I cam to think, "what made me dislike of being Indonesian?"
And I concluded the reason why I am embarrassed is because how messed up our country is. Our country use to be one of the richest country, or maybe still is we just don't know how to explore and make good use of it. The food can be one of the most delicious food anyone can ever taste, the art has its own trademark that people would definitely tell that it is Indonesia's art, the soil are rich! You put any plant it will grow. But why are we so left behind? 
And then on top of that what made me realise was, one of a person I knew (which is Indonesian as well), been living in Sydney for most of this person's life. (I can't say he or she). And this person in a way saying things about what's so good about Indonesia. Then I replied, "but you are Indonesian". And this person said, "Nah man, I'm Australian".
Well it is okay if that person wants to be an Australian, I think Australia is beautiful and I love living there. But to have heard that made me so upset. What is going on with the new generation?? The one who suppose to be the next generation of our country?? It got me on my head and I feel more ashamed about myself.
I think that is also the reason why I decided to go home for good. I have lost my identity of where I came from. 
This is one of the reasons why I create FAR Magazine. Maybe it is to make myself better, or to pay the bad feeling and attitude I have been having previously. But I know for a fact I create this for the next generation, for us Indonesians :)

Through the aspect of art of Indonesia, I am still learning. I have a lot to learn really not just on that aspect but also as a person.... Plus I have a lot of family and friends who help me through the process and hopefully it shows in these babies! 


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