Thursday, October 28, 2010



Last weekend I went to Singapore with my Mother. The reason of this trip is to watch a play called Matah Ati, cycling in East coast and visit the Asian Civilization Museum.

Matah Ati is a play about Raden Mas Said the first King of Java. A story about passion, loss and courage that takes the audiences back in time to the 17th century of Java. Through its operative Javanese songs and music combined with a contemporary adaptation of Surakarta - Javanese classical dance. The central character in this story is Raden Mas Said, the first King of Java. And Rubiah, a female war hero of the 40 woman army who fought during the time of the Dutch invasion and the reign of the Mangkunegara Kingdom of Indonesia. Who is also the one that the King, Raden Mas Said, fell in love with.

The costume designer is happened to be someone close to us, my Mom and I. She is Mrs Sri Astari. The play itself took place in the Theatre Hall of Esplanade in Singapore. The unique thing about the stage was apparently the Artistic Designer, Jay Subiyakto asked for the stage to be 15 degrees tilted! It was made in Indonesia and sent through cargo to Singapore. And it weigh 25 ton, Crazy I tell you.
To add, this play was prepared for 1,5 years.  

It was a 90 minutes shows full of non stop dancing, actions and effects! It was a mind blowing show! There was a positive outcome to be seated way up (because I was 10 minutes late), I was able to take some videos and photos xD



Second reason was the cycling. It was a different environment I must say to ride in a very clean country, compare to Jakarta, Indonesia. I was next to the beach, clean air and people who obey the rules around the area. I think my Mom and I did around 30 km back and forth following the bicycle lane. At the park you can see people doing their own activities, like Yoga, Tai chi, camping (yeps, they have camping ground), BBQ, jog, walk the dog, etc. It was nice once in a while to cycle calmly, although I have to admit I miss the rush of cycling in the busy city of Jakarta.

Last, was my favorite of all. Asian Civilization Museum. They were having this special exhibition show of Sumatra The Isle of Gold. What they exhibit there really put my jaw opened the whole time I was there. The gold that Indonesia produced, the heritage that our ancestors made from GOLD were just MAD. I want to return there again when I get the chance, and next time I will spend my whole day in there.
Anyway, these are my compilation of photos! Enjoy and sorry for the delay ;)

 My Momma!

 arab street