Sunday, October 17, 2010


 Palangkaraya is actually considered as the replacement of the new capital of Indonesia. Where is Palangkaraya? It is in Central Kalimantan in between of Kayahan and Sabangau river. This is actually my first trip ever to Kalimantan. I was anticipating some new things to see considering the Indonesian's government was so interested at this place. Well even that perspective is not really the reason in boosting my curiosity anyway. But yeah. :D

Palangkaraya was still a very raw place, in a way the vegetation is still thick and there aren't many buildings been built yet. Which I find it great! Although there were no really cultural entertainment there. If you are looking for the right entertainment, best to go 3 hours by car or plane it straight to Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. I still find this place fascinating and the seafood is just YUM! And I didn't get the chance to go on the boat and explore Palangkaraya through its river. A friend of mine said it was the best.

Anyway, the trip shots have more of the scenery of its sky and some landscape. I didn't have the chance to find some artworks here although hopefully I get some of the cultural things from my cousin's wedding :) 

We went to eat at this restaurant called Kampung Lauk. It was the best seafood restaurant in the area. The family ordered prawns and fish and of course some raw vegetables. If i am not mistaken one of my favorite fish called Jelawat.

We also visit the Borneo OrangUtan Survival. Although because of the rain and some of the OrangUtan were sick we cannot enter the inside :( So for sure next time I'm going in.

with my Dad

Overall the reason why the whole family went down to Palangkaraya was because of my cousin's wedding. It was a total different experience, fact that I have never seen the process of Dayak's traditional wedding process. It was a lot different than the Javanese wedding since I am Javanese (Solo)/Betawi. So I enjoyed the whole process with the gifts and vows and tuak!! What is Tuak? Tuak is an alcoholic beverage made of fermented rice, yeast and sugar and drunk in Borneo and East Malaysia. In the ceremonial apparently if there's an error or mistakes done, the people involves have to take a shot of Tuak. :D

the wedding cake

the view from airplane

Well then until next time!


For those WHO TRULY LOVE ANY TYPE OF ANIMALS, please do not watch this. This is a video of how they kill the fish before cooking them.

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