Thursday, October 14, 2010


At last at last!
Its The middle of October and I didn't even notice. Time flies so fast that without realizing you have been passing a lot, whether you remember those special moments in your life or you forget about it. It has been some crazy months I have to say :)

The reason I have been anticipating for this month to come is because I did a photo shoot session for Tatler Indonesia Magazine around end of July. It was suppose to be out and published in the August but they decided to move it to October for their anniversary issue if I'm not mistaken. This is quite an experience for me because I was always been involve in photo shoots but rarely want to offer myself as the one being photographed. I would say no normally to these type of offers because I was just........ embarrassed?? LOL.
But it was different for this one, the photographer was a good friend of mine and she did a very good job every time she had a photo jobs. Her name is Grace Gunawan. She did some of FAR Magazine editorial shoots previously, so in a way I trust her work :) She did the Second issue, Third (Downtown Hipster) and Fourth. I have been arranging some time to collaborate with her again in the future but I haven't got the right concept for it yet :)

Anyway, here are some of her previous work;

second edition

third edition


*clap clap for Grace! I love her works~

So then, after 6 hours (I think) of the whole process here are the result!

dress : Burberry

dress : Chanel, heels : Prada (my own)

whole thing : Chanel (left) & Burberry (right)

whole thing : Miu Miu

Stylist: Aldi Indrajaya
Assistant stylist: Bonniedegio
Make-up & Hair: Ferry for Lancome
Assistant photographer: Slamet
Editor: Amadea Maya


The whole shots require me to move my hair side to side or up and down in order to be able to get the moving of flowing effect of the hair! The whole shots! whoohoo~ xD
It was a blast and I love the end result!
The 'sitting' photo with Chanel jacket was pretty uncomfortable, lol. As all you might figure I am pretty small in my size. I think I'm 154 cm which maybe around 5'0?? wahahhahha!! Darn it I'm small~ So to be able for the dress to fit me it has clips on the back and they rolled in the skirt xD yes yes it was funny but works beautifully. I thought I would look weird but turns out that is one of my favorite photo :)
Thank you so much for these talented team!! It wouldn't be like this without them.

Anyway, this is a bit embarrassing to post these. I hope you all like it though!
Will be posting some new photos from my last trips and update you with the art lives soon~


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