Thursday, October 7, 2010


Helloo everyone! How's everyones week?
I have to say from the beginning of my October until today was very packed. Actually this busy-ness me is going to continue until the 11th/12th of October next week. On the last second week of September 2010 was my magazine deadline, IT WAS HECTIC. The deadline finished on the Friday September 30th, 2010. Thank god. Because on October 1st - 3rd I was scheduled to be at Pulau Sepa (Sepa Island) to take my Advance Diving Class with Bubbles, this island is one of the Thousand Islands in Indonesia.

I went with my oldest brother, Arif and my youngest sister, Canti. She took her Open Water that time. Anyway It was my first time going to the Thousand Island and I was so excited. I am going to plan another trip there to explore the rest of the islands, hopefully soon :)

Btw, here is the video my brother made for that trip.

And then it doesn't end there. After the Advance class I did the next day I flew to Gili Trawangan, Again! This time I went to write an article for my 11th edition of Far Magazine. Well, also to dive I guess I mean I'm there already so why not. LOL.
It was 3 of us, Me and 2 of my boyfriend's siblings. While these two kiddies have an Introduction of Diving I went deep dive of 30 meters. Saw some puffer fish, lion fish, Marlin and Nemo lol, and some other species I forgot what they called. 
Here some photos on that trip. :D I can't put some of the good ones because we gonna publish it on the next edition ;P Sorry~

Pulau Sepa photos

at Marina Ancol

at the pier



And Gili 3rd trip photos

me at the depth of not more than 30 metres

Marlin and Nemo

Lion fish

Puffer fish

Edo, Corryn, Soraya and Me

Corryn (if I spell it right) was our Dive Master of the day, Edo and Soraya was in the Introduction of Diving for the whole day (Discovery diving). Even with their awkwardness for their swimming techniques and bad breathing (LOL,jokes birdies) in the end they managed to swim and use the BCD and gauge accordingly. There were some of problems like one of us were feeling unwell, but overall the trip was satisfying enough. Personally, it is time for me to move on to the next island although I love Gili so much and I still want to check East Lombok and the new Diving Site :) Can't wait in which Island I would end up.
Well then, Until next time!!



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