Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Today was a busy day for me. Since I slept late I also started my day late, very late. Got to the office, took some magazine to bring to a lunch meeting, meet some people at lunch time to arrange the next photo session for Far Magazine, went back office, did some check and re-check on the final file of Far 10th edition, went to Global Radio for an interview, and LAST to Edwin's Gallery for Daniel Timbul's solo exhibition. 
Before I tell you about the exhibition there were some details you guys have to know what happened earlier today. The gallery location is in Kemang, it is like one of the busiest area I know. When I got to the gallery it was more quiet than usual. Why? Because something terrifying incident happened not far from this area (called Ampera). Gang slaughter happened, not one got killed but three!! Anyway it was so awful you guys should check it on google. Type today's date and 'kerusuhan didepan pengadilan ampera'. It means in english, 'riot before Ampera court'. The photos ARE HORRIBLE!!! 

Continuing to the gallery (sorry for the non relation topic). I took some photos while I was there~
The curator's name is Farah Wardani. 
Check them out!

The exhibition itself called Timbul's Deli:Woodcutting Memory, Butchering Myths. 
Daniel Cahya Krisna (born in Klaten, August 15, 1981), nicnamed 'Timbul', is one of those children in that period, who has grown up with hybridity between knowledge, ideology and mashed - up tradition. Since he decided to choose his way to be an artist, which was initiated with entering the campus life at Indonesia Art Institute (ISI), Yogya in 2001, fairy tales and fables have always been his main sources of inspiration.
Timbul first explored woodcutting and created a fully realized art work based on the technique in his first exhibition, a collective show entitled 'Unjuk Gusi' (Showing Gum), at Sanggar Sawung, Taman Siswa, Yogya, 2002. For him, he loves the medium initially for its lack of popularity, especially compared to the ever - reigning painting discipline. There were ways and approaches that are so different in graphic arts, and they give challenges and certain specifications that he tried to sink his teeth into deeply, so that it becomes an integral part of him in the end..... (i'll continue this tomorrow ;p)

Figur Babi Edisi # the Butcher
Fabric and Resin Fiber

Berburu & Meramu
Hardboard Cut

Resep Rahasia
Mixed Media

Delicatessen Dinner
Hardboard Cut print & Hand coloring on canvas


Fresh Chair
Resin Fiber

Kasih Orang Tua
Hardboard Cut

Edwin Rahardjo, Farah Wardani, Listya Rahardjo, Daniel Timbul

Cutting cake as the opening exhibition

Christina Chua, me, Nicholas Tan

Daniel Timbul and me

That's all! See you next time~


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