Friday, September 10, 2010


I was hesitating to upload these photos of behind the scene from my magazine fashion shoot. This session is behind the scene of 10th edition's fashion photo shoot and I am cheating on my team for uploading these photos. But anyway, I wanted to show that even at work you can still have fun, in any way of fun you can possibly think of! 

passion on brushes

The photo session this time we worked together with a band called Zeke Khaseli. He was one of the member from Zeke and The Popo band before. And this time he went solo~

Zeke Khaseli and me

The alien and me

believe it or not, thats a bottom dress

this coat is made of steel, heavy as!

For this photo shoot our make up artist brought lots of 'konde' (hair bun). And it got to me the soul of wanting to put the hair bun on top of people's head. Yes, another weird desire I want to do. You know what!? I'll make a whole album for 'An attachable hair bun on people' later. In the mean time, enjoy my little fads.
I can't stop looking at Anis photo, he just cooperate so well.

on Reni my asistant

on Anis my Art Director 

on Zeke our talent

Below is our make up artist, Bunlay, on action on making our talent look suited for the shoot.

make up artist in action

Reni and I inside the bottom dress
(believe me I don't need to bend my knees, I'm 5'1)

We had heaps of fun during this photo shoot. Not only the people are so easy and cooperated well during the session also their props are unbelievable! They brought most of the costumes and masks also accessories for their stage performance. I have to say the materials were not disappointing. So with no time my hands already going through all items inside their luggage and try some of the masks. They have heaps of mask that I didn't have the guts to try (like horse, rabbit, wrestler, etc) Because it was so humid inside the masks. LOL.

the band props

lion mask

kamen rider mask

panda mask, shit hat, lion mask

the alien and panda man

my crew and the people from photo shoot

And yes another satisfying end result! Letting you know most of the dress that the model used were from ESMOD students and a friend of mine. This dress on the model below, was so hard to use. But I am glad it look mad on the result! If you want to check the photo shoot please buy the 10th edition magazine out in October 2010, next month! :D


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