Saturday, September 18, 2010


One of many things I like about my parents is they love to plan on trips randomly. Us the children thought that the Bali trip was just a mere talk. But apparently we did end up going even though we knew Bali would be so packed of tourists, not only from overseas but also people from Java Island (Yogyakarta, Surabaya, etc).
I still remember when my sister in law heard about the trip, she was a bit concerned because she kept asking for a leave at her office. Too many leaves I guess. LOL

This Bali trip turned out to be one of those unexpected, random accident, adventurous trip. On this trip I have succeeded on persuading my sisters (in law, Hanna) and my brother (Bayu) to take their license in Bali. Not like many professional places to take license, which usually take about a week to finish your Open Water dive certificate, you can go through those whole week processes into 2 days minimum. Crazy I tell you. The place is a licensed diving centre, its legit. But still, CRAZY I tell you.
So then we went to the airport ready to depart to Bali and arrived in Denpasar Ngurah Rai airport in the afternoon, feeling so excited for the next day to start the diving class. Then suddenly my little sister got stomach flu. Bugger.
It was so unfortunate for her the irony is she was the one, who was so eager to take the license there, L. But the others went along anyway leaving my sister behind, not able to move or sleep back at the hotel.
Second annoying part, I didn’t go along with two of my brothers and my sister for their theory class and pool session also apparently their first open water demonstration. My eldest brother, Arif, caught a reef shark on his Canon S90! Darn it.

He said it was about a meter long. I saw this shark before back when I was in Gili. Although that time I haven't got a camera that's able to give me good quality photos (it was Olympus Though 6000, I KNOW). So I did not have any satisfaction proof T__T
After their first day of the class, they decided to go to Tulamben for the second open water dive. I dived there before, so this time is my fourth time diving in Tulamben, Bali. I just bought my wet suit and a new goggle too! So without second thought I went along to dive there.
So then in the group there were 6 of us. Mas Arif, Mas Bayu, Mba Hanna, Me, Tobias and Yuu. I forgot where Tobias came from, Yuu is from Osaka, Japan. It took around 2.5 hours to get to Tulamben, we were dead bored so I think most of us slowly falling asleep not really paying attention to the road. Plus there was nothing interesting to see. Until suddenly this police car speed next to us and pulled us over. I was thinking what the hell did we do? Our driver went out and walked to the front passenger seat, not more than 5 minutes he went back. Apparently the cops were asking for money!! This is known well in Indonesia that the cops sneeze money from people saying it is some kind of tax for tourism (whaaaat?) Anyway, we all know it was just some 'Cigarette Money'. I was surprised because this is the first time I saw it in Bali.
After that, unlucky the driver was, our car kind of hit a car in front of us who stopped suddenly. It was such a sleep wreck.

But after long as drive, we got there safely anyway and dive happily :) here are some photos from the dive,

the beach full of divers

silhouette of fish

my new goggle and bare wetsuit

mas Arif diving through pack of fish

the fish that have a nose

the stirring wheel

mas Bayu, mas Arif, mas Nyoman, mas Ping, Yu, Me, mba Hanna, Tobias

The dive was so much fun where the fish was so much more than the last time I went. And lucky us the corals there are still beautiful. So please new divers, whoever you are out there who is interested to dive, PLEASE be a responsible diver! i'll be posting about that soon.

Beside all the underwater photos, I have also took some snapshots of what I find interesting.

a honeymoon dinner set

Well then, until next time!


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