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Hey all,

I went to the opening of Salihara Festival 2010 on the 23rd September last Thursday.
What is Salihara? Salihara is a community that was build back in 1994. At first Salihara was known for the 3 activities, Galeri Lontar (Lontar Gallery), Teater Utan Kayu  (Utan Kayu Theatre) and the Jurnal Kebudayaan Kalam (Kalam Culture Journal). This community mission is to grow and spread artistic and intellectual property, either through performing arts, visual arts exhibitions, lectures and discussions on various topics, as well as through the article published in Kalam. This community is also supported by Tempo

GALERI LONTAR showcase the work of the artists at home and abroad in the form of drawings, paintings, graphic works, photographs, sculpture, or installation-especially on the basis of quality and innovative spirit. This gallery has introduced the artists who now occupy leading positions in the Indonesian art treasures

TEATER UTAN KAYU periodically carry out staging plays, music, dance, film screenings, and lectures and discussions about culture, art and philosophy. This theater gives the widest space for artists from the treasury of tradition and contemporary artists who want to experiment and offer a novelty.

JURNAL KEBUDAYAAN KALAM is a place nursery and cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas and cross-flow. This journal appreciate a new perspective, fresh ideas and open to various experimental writing. After 22 numbers published since 1994, from May 2007 Kalam transformed, into the virtual world in site. Kalam has also published several books.

So anyway, me and my FAR Magazine team went there as guest and also because FAR Magazine is one of he Media Partner for Salihara. Yay!

The opening was en lived by Bonita and the hus Band as the music performance. They were so good!! The singer, Bonita, was very expressive when she sings. 
There were also a dance performance of Akkarena Sombali by Wiwiek Sipala. This dance is an arable from Pakarena. Pakarena is an ethnic community dance Makassar in South Sulawesi. Particularly in Gowa district, Takalar, Jeneponto, Bantaeng, Bulukumba and Selayar, with its local peculiarities of each district. Around the 17th century, Pakarena became the Royal Gowa's Palace dance through the touch of the sultan's mother named I Li'motakantu. In the 20th century, Pakarena was out of the palace and became the dance for its wider community.

pakarena dancer

As for Akkarena Sombali by Wiwiek Sipala can be interpreted as an odyssey dance interpretation of various types of heavy dotted Pakarena. The philosophical implication of the dance is related to the aspect of 11 poem from 12 lyric poems and 9 types of rhythm of many kinds of musical from Pakarena.

It was very beautiful, unfortunately the gallery forbid taking photo during the show :( but I will ask for their documentation later and post it.

Meanwhile, here are some photos during the whole events

Opening band by Bonita and the Hus Band

Installation Tracing the Trails by Hedi Hariyanto

The plastic bottle installation

Far Editor (Bunga), Art Director (Anis) and Marketing Manager (Adit)

Adit & I

A photograph from one of the previous performance

Installation Elephant by Joko Dwi Avianto

one of the Video Mapping

One of the Mural inside Salihara territory 

Mural by Popo

It was so much fun, that night we have met Oscar Motuloh, Putu Wijaya, Ibu Dolo and her Husband, and saw Christine Hakim and many more. The place was filled with people who appreciate art not only the locals, I have seen quite westerners also. 
What really impress and sticked in me was the video mapping by AV Reactor Featuring GSTW (Jakarta) and Third Eye Studio (Jakarta). 

Salihara's Rooftop Video Mapping

I almost missed the third Video mapping that they showcased on that night. Apparently the artists installed them in the toilets!! I have this bad habit of not able to go to the public toilet. My editor, Bunga, went to the toilet and went out with a smile on her face. 

We are not the people who understand how to speak good bahasa Indonesia,but we believe that Genitals is something that has shame. It is an adjective in bahasa that became a noun. Yes, "the Genitals...." At least that is our understanding for the equation of the word Genitals.

Genitals = Shameless

From this word we would like to know if the Genitals have shame.

A video installation to see our Genitals responds.

Men's Toilet

I have to asked Anis to video the men's one. In the women's toilet it was so hard to take a good video or a photo because the installation is inside the cubicles. So this is the best I can get, also you can see as if the guy's face looking down while you are doing your business. LOL

If you want to know more about the event there's going to be a full review on it in FAR Magazine 10th Edition coming in October 2010. :)


source : salihara


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