Monday, August 30, 2010


How's everyone's weekend??
My weekend was so hectic. Apparently the meeting and dancing and my usual activities are too much to handle. But! I had fun on my Sunday evening. I went to the orphanage in Jl. Bambu Kuning Pasar Minggu. I've been to many orphanage before, but this time was different because i didn't go with my mother. I work now and have money of my own, so this year I am planning to donate and help as much as I can afford. 

So then, thanks to my dear friend Syeny Tjandra. I am able to do what I am wishing to do.
Surprisingly, I attracted lots of the little ones... (??)

As soon as Syeny and I got there, everyone greeted us warmly. They are very discipline I must say. And I'm a bit embarrassed about my non-discipline habit. These kids are very motivated and enthusiast about what we do. They also showed the will to study and work hard, as soon as they hear about the possibility of what they can do in the future their eyes lighten up. It touched my heart that even in their situation they still have the positive attitude.

For those who want to go there and check it out, here's the address:

Yayasan Kasih Mandiri Bersinar
Jl Bambu Kuning no.27 Rt008/01. 
Kelurahan Jati Padang Kecamatan Pasar Minggu
Jakarta Selatan 12540
021 781 4531

I felt so good after doing this, so my next mission is to find other orphanage and do this every two months. :)


Saturday, August 28, 2010


My Grandma from my father side just hit her 83rd.
And believe it or not, she did party like a rock star. LOL

carrot cake

my poser sisters on the back

best instant Cincau I've ever tasted

fireworks, one of the presents


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This is the video of the birthday bash trip I was talking about on my previous post. We used 3 underwater cameras here. Hero camera, usually used for bike riding and such, it have the plastic housing covering the camera itself.


A friend's camera which I forgot what type and my Tough 6000 Olympus. But since I have been using that camera to go under 15 meters, fact that it only goes for 3 meters (yeah, I know) it died on me :( Anyhoo before it went dead that camera have been giving me good, satisfying diving photos :) I will miss you 6000.

When my father saw this video he said that Gili doesn't look as beautiful as before and I was surprised. I know there's a chance of its beauty will be different and maybe because it was actually my first and second time there I still think it was worth to dive. Apparently global warming really changed a lot of our nature. It made me think about what Al Gore documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. In the end bit he said something about there might be a chance our future children would not be able to see the living creatures and the nature's beauty as we did. What if our children didn't get the chance to see polar bears or such? 

The thought that counts, and hopefully by voting for the new 7 wonders we can still see some of earth beauty.

Below is a link to vote for the 7 wonders. Please VOTE! :))



2 days has passed from my sister's birthday, Nami.
I forgot to post my birthday gift for her. Anyway, here it is. :)

Please excuse my bad quality foto.., I will take better photos next time. :)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It took me around 30 to 45 minutes top to go from Menteng (office) to Pejaten (home) by bike. To be honest, if i want to exercise bicycle is the last equipment that i would choose. I think one of the reason why I dont really like biking is because of my calves. I got big calves. LOL
But i guess it wont hurt to go biking again. So I did and I've been biking since the beginning of this year Ramadhan.

Me, My dad, Boy, Wak Langky, My Brother (Bayu)

There are 2 reasons why I changed my mind about cycling. One, Jakarta is filled filled with too much air pollution. I guess I feel like contributing in preserving what is left and avoid using my car too much. Second, I can't go to gym on fasting month, since cycling sounds good why not change my cardio to this. :)
Sambil menyelam minum air ya? :D

Apparently the bicycle community in Jakarta itself is pretty big. It is around 4 Million and still counting. There are Sepeda onthel community, Sepeda Lipat (folding bike), Fixed Bike, Mountain Biking, Low Rider, Track Bike, and many more!


past even for fixed bike


lowrider community in M.H. Thamrin

Well I can also say that my father is a, umm, bike freak. Well, mountain bike to be precise :D

some of the bikes in my house

the bike I'm using at the moment

So all bicycle riders out there, keep up the good work!
And all you newbies, including me, keep up the motivation.


Monday, August 23, 2010



Until recently I just realised one of my passion is diving. But what is passion again? I have a habit where I would do things too the max until I am bored with it. I check the dictionary for the meaning of passion. Passion is Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. I guess I have to find out if later I get bored of Diving or not.

Anyway, have you ever dive before?? 
The first time I went diving was in Bali. It was with my sister, Canti and my mother. Back then I didn't know that to go diving you need a license! LOL And for the first time as well I breathed with the regulator (mouthpiece) in the water was a thrill already. You can felt your lungs pumping the air in and out. Our instructor took us to depth of 8 meters. There weren't many corals, lots of fish and seaweed though.

me, my sister (canti) and my mom

Since that day, which I think happened last year, I decided to take the diving license in Bali. I got my license from PADI and I've been diving ever since and whenever I get the chance :) I always like to swim or be underwater. The feeling you get is total calm and the only thing you can hear is the air bubbles. When you go deeper it gets darker and yes a bit eerie. Since I'm a pretty curious person, that kind of excite me.

Not long after that I had trips to Bali and went diving on 4 spots; Tulamben, Nusa Dua, Menjangan and Nusa Lembongan + Penida. This trip I also went to Antonio Blanco's gallery in Ubud and met his wife and the first daughter whom Antonio Blanco always have on most of his paintings.

one of Antonio Blanco's paintings

me with Antonio Blanco's first daughter and wife

On July this year I went to Gili Trawangan, Lombok with my friends and Garu (my boyfriend). Not long after that in August I went back there again for my birthday, this time with my sisters and friends. All girls! Gili Trawangan was so relaxing. Can you imagine a small island with no cars or motorbikes at all and no cops! The island is so small you can walk around it which take you around 1.5 to 2 hours. To go around you can either walk, bike or Cidomo. 


butterfly fish?

me chasing sea turtle

a Wolfgang art

In Gili they have plenty of Sea turtles, the green sea turtles and loggerhead if I am not mistaken. 
From these trips it encourage me to explore Indonesia more, to see the beauty of Marine life in Indonesia. It is such a shame that there are plenty of this country's marine's beauty got bleached or bombed fish. In stated "Sea turtles often drown when caught in fishing gear...". Also apparently coastal development destroys important nesting sites and artificial light from houses and buildings attracts hatchlings away from the ocean. We have the habit of not taking care of our own garbage or disposal. The pollution of our dragging garbage like plastic bags and such are often mistaken as food by these sea turtles. When they ingested these plastic it blocks their intestines and kill them :(
In order to keep this beauty and activity alive, let us protect and preserve the nature :) 
Remind your friends to take care their garbage and respect this planet me live in.

That's all for today, my father and brother is waiting for me to go home from the office. Oh! I have been riding bicycle since the beginning of Ramadhan, not only its healthy I am planning to make this as a permanent action!
There's too many cars and pollution already. So why not be healthy and ride a bike?


Saturday, August 21, 2010


Greetings everyone! 

First of all, Happy Ramadhan for everyone who are fasting~ 

After long consideration I decided to introduce myself openly (yes, I'm a bit shy to be honest).

My name is Rani Tachril. That is me on the left (No my hair is not curly and grey btw) and I am the Creator/Chief Editor of FAR Magazine. As you can see from the picture that I am an Indonesian, so why am I writing this blog in English? Because my writing skills in Bahasa (Indonesia) is worse than in English. Even though I know for a fact that my English is not that good also.
(forgive me T__T) 

Let me tell you a little bit about myself;

I am a complicated person I can admit that. 
I want too many things in life, which my brain cannot contain and tend to forget what was it that I wanted before? I can be a simple person and selfish at the same time.

I have spent my 2 years of High School in Perguruan Cikini Duren Tiga, Jakarta Indonesia. Those 2 years I had there (I have to say) was a bit of a lost moment. Looking back on my high school days, I am one of those 'boyish' girl, I was the captain of my basketball team and that's that. Knowing my whole life I have been always playing basketball (with my height of 156cm) I thought I would end up as a PE teacher one day, not realizing there are other things I can do.

After dropping out of high school, my mother decided for me to go to MIBT (Melbourne Institute of Business and Technology) Jakarta, which was still my lost moment in life. I wanted to study Psychology and (again) ended up in the lost lane, which was IT.

Thank god I finished my 2 semesters there and moved to Sydney, Australia. There, I enrolled at KVB Institute of Technology, which is now recognized as Raffles College of Design and Commerce. Since little, I always love to draw from Manga to abstract, so I decided to study Visual Communication. WHICH apparently I realized now I should have taken Art Major!! LOL

After 4 beautiful years living in Sydney, I decided to return to Jakarta. There were 2 things that influenced my decision to return. One of the reasons was my parents; I have missed them dearly, and second was my beloved one, Garu. My parents have convinced me that Jakarta is not such a bad place to look for experience not only in life but work. And yes, up until now working in Jakarta is still a challenge for me. Not to mention that Garu had inspired me to explore and love Indonesia more though its art and social aspect. To understand that wherever you go, whatever you do, where you come from Home will always be the best place to be. It took me years to realize that I want to be part of Indonesia in helping where I come from to become greater. I know it is a big mission, although I have a wish of completing this mission with all of you new generations :)

FAR Magazine was created to be the middle medium for those people who have passion in Art and have the soul of Indonesia. I am not much of an artist nor I believe I can do anything with my hands to help the art of Indonesia, but I hope FAR Magazine would do any good to the new generation in art, culture and social aspect. I am still learning to be better in understanding Indonesia's art and its communities. And I believe there are plenty of people who have the interest but don't know where to start. So, FAR Magazine is the magazine where you newbies can find out about alternative art and social updates of Indonesia.

Hopefully this shows you that people have their own pace on finding what they want in their life. I am 24 years old and now I have a magazine of my own, and still looking forward to do great things in life :) Wish me luck!