Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It took me around 30 to 45 minutes top to go from Menteng (office) to Pejaten (home) by bike. To be honest, if i want to exercise bicycle is the last equipment that i would choose. I think one of the reason why I dont really like biking is because of my calves. I got big calves. LOL
But i guess it wont hurt to go biking again. So I did and I've been biking since the beginning of this year Ramadhan.

Me, My dad, Boy, Wak Langky, My Brother (Bayu)

There are 2 reasons why I changed my mind about cycling. One, Jakarta is filled filled with too much air pollution. I guess I feel like contributing in preserving what is left and avoid using my car too much. Second, I can't go to gym on fasting month, since cycling sounds good why not change my cardio to this. :)
Sambil menyelam minum air ya? :D

Apparently the bicycle community in Jakarta itself is pretty big. It is around 4 Million and still counting. There are Sepeda onthel community, Sepeda Lipat (folding bike), Fixed Bike, Mountain Biking, Low Rider, Track Bike, and many more!


past even for fixed bike


lowrider community in M.H. Thamrin

Well I can also say that my father is a, umm, bike freak. Well, mountain bike to be precise :D

some of the bikes in my house

the bike I'm using at the moment

So all bicycle riders out there, keep up the good work!
And all you newbies, including me, keep up the motivation.


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