Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This is the video of the birthday bash trip I was talking about on my previous post. We used 3 underwater cameras here. Hero camera, usually used for bike riding and such, it have the plastic housing covering the camera itself.


A friend's camera which I forgot what type and my Tough 6000 Olympus. But since I have been using that camera to go under 15 meters, fact that it only goes for 3 meters (yeah, I know) it died on me :( Anyhoo before it went dead that camera have been giving me good, satisfying diving photos :) I will miss you 6000.

When my father saw this video he said that Gili doesn't look as beautiful as before and I was surprised. I know there's a chance of its beauty will be different and maybe because it was actually my first and second time there I still think it was worth to dive. Apparently global warming really changed a lot of our nature. It made me think about what Al Gore documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. In the end bit he said something about there might be a chance our future children would not be able to see the living creatures and the nature's beauty as we did. What if our children didn't get the chance to see polar bears or such? 

The thought that counts, and hopefully by voting for the new 7 wonders we can still see some of earth beauty.

Below is a link to vote for the 7 wonders. Please VOTE! :))


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