Monday, August 30, 2010


How's everyone's weekend??
My weekend was so hectic. Apparently the meeting and dancing and my usual activities are too much to handle. But! I had fun on my Sunday evening. I went to the orphanage in Jl. Bambu Kuning Pasar Minggu. I've been to many orphanage before, but this time was different because i didn't go with my mother. I work now and have money of my own, so this year I am planning to donate and help as much as I can afford. 

So then, thanks to my dear friend Syeny Tjandra. I am able to do what I am wishing to do.
Surprisingly, I attracted lots of the little ones... (??)

As soon as Syeny and I got there, everyone greeted us warmly. They are very discipline I must say. And I'm a bit embarrassed about my non-discipline habit. These kids are very motivated and enthusiast about what we do. They also showed the will to study and work hard, as soon as they hear about the possibility of what they can do in the future their eyes lighten up. It touched my heart that even in their situation they still have the positive attitude.

For those who want to go there and check it out, here's the address:

Yayasan Kasih Mandiri Bersinar
Jl Bambu Kuning no.27 Rt008/01. 
Kelurahan Jati Padang Kecamatan Pasar Minggu
Jakarta Selatan 12540
021 781 4531

I felt so good after doing this, so my next mission is to find other orphanage and do this every two months. :)


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  1. :D :D
    im very proud of you sisteerr!
    looked so fun!