Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hello late sleepers,

It is 1.21 am in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am hella tired but strangely full awake. Doctors use the term Insomnia for the late sleepers like us, I call it the creative time. Do you have the same thing?
I was sketching some of designs that I am still wishing to produce soon. But I have a feeling that it would take long, after all it is Far Magazine deadline at the moment. I am currently in the middle of my own side project, I cannot lie by saying I would not want my project to be going well known, but I started this with no intention on make it mass. It is something to do with some clothing line, again, I think it is just merely for my own personal ego/passion challenge kinda thing. Since I am pretty petit its like heart breaking to buy clothes that in the end you will need to alter or cut a quarter of the garment :(
Well anyway, back with the topic. 

Why does human brain seems to be more active at night? 
(Or wait, is it just me??)

So I did some research, and found some neat facts about our brain! Even maybe it kinda not related to the question I bold above, LOL.

Interesting FACTS about our brain; source forangelsonly

1) It Has a Storage Capacity In the Terabytes
 Scientists have discovered that the human brain has a storage capacity of between three and one thousand terabytes, depending on the individual. That means that you are probably entirely capable of storing Britain's National Archives entire body of information in your brain, with room to spare.

2) Your Brain Operates on Current 
To operate our brain it needs power, and it uses electrical energy also just like a computer. even when we are asleep, the electrical energy generated by your brain is about comparable to that used by a 10 Watt light bulb. Because the brain functions on electricity, that could explain why certain devices, like cell phones, and power lines, can interfere with that activity in the long term, and lead to damage. So, take care which electrical appliances you use, and limit their impact on your own personal super computer.

3) Nerve Impulses Travel As Fast As Racecars
   Our brain and central nervous system, sends messages at the very efficient, and fast, rate of around one hundred and seventy miles per hour. Consider the number of messages rushing around your body at that speed right now. Isn’t it amazing to thing that those little electrical impulses are what lets us experience the world around us?

4) Your Brain Uses 20% of The Oxygen You Breathe
    It’s amazing to think that while our brain makes up only about two percent of our body mass, it needs around twenty percent of the oxygen we breathe in order to keep functioning. It’s because of this that we die so easily when we are deprived of oxygen. Without the brain functioning, all those little messages that race around our bodies all day, every day, won’t reach their destinations. This means the organs and cells of your body will shut down very soon after you’ve been deprived of oxygen, even if only for a few minutes.

5) Higher IQ = More Dreams
   Scientists studying the phenomenon of dreams have discovered that while everyone dreams, the frequency of dreams is notably higher in those of above average intelligence.
Of course, if you never seem to dream, don’t take that as a sign of a lack of intelligence. Research has also shown that in many instances, your dreams last only a few seconds, hardly long enough to even register. Then again, most of us don’t remember any of our dreams, and it’s usually only for a few fleeting seconds, when we have been awoken in the middle of a dream, that we even remember them at all!
6) Your Brain Is More Active at Night
   Despite all the moving around, thinking, and complex calculations you do every day, your brain actually shows more activity at night than it does during the day. In fact, when you shut down at night, to go to sleep, your brain wakes up, and starts doing it’s thing. There's still no explanation on what's this thing is since still no scientists are still puzzled why our brain work so hard at night. But it might got to do with something you are dreaming at night! That is why if you want to give your brain a workout, you should go to sleep, and it also explains why getting enough sleep is so important to staying mentally sharp.
7) Not All Neurons are Created Equal
   Not only do different neurons process different types of information, and in different ways, but, in fact, some types of neurons transport information as slowly as half a meter per second, or 1.8 kilometers per hour, while others can reach the unheard of velocities of up to one hundred and twenty meters per second or up to four hundred and thirty two kilometers per hour.
8) Neurons Keep Growing
   For many years of researches thought that neurons, the brain, and your central nervous system, cannot regenerate, or grow. That’s all changed though, and although they have discovered that the brain and it’s complex network of neurons does not behave in quite the same way as the other tissues in the body, they can, and do, regenerate. Brain or nerve damage is still a very bad thing, but there's a possibility of a cure if its not entirely damaged.
9) Your Brain is 80% Water
    When the brain and the tissues around it becomes dehydrated, and the membranes around it begin to chafe, causing inflammation. We experience that as pain, which explains your headache. That also explains the splitting headache that so often accompanies a hangover – alcohol is a diuretic, which causes dehydration, so it takes water away from your whole body, including your brain.
10) Your Brain Does Not Feel Pain
     while you could potentially damage your brain without even being aware of it, the tissues, bone and membrane’s that surround your brain do the job of alerting it to danger. Just another way nature has been brilliant in protecting you!

Hopefully that gives your brain filled with some useful knowledge ;)


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