Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My editor told me the opening of this exhibition event was great. The exhibition is at Building A of Galeri Nasional Indonesia in front of Gambir Station. This exhibition is called Sin City, An art exhibition of Sustainable Art. So then the next day I went there with my editor. And it was so good! Also one of our friend, Recycle Experience, exhibit their newest installation.

The variety and messages each artwork are tremendous. So without any looooong explanation from me I am just going to post the photos of Yayasan Art Project Indonesia Introduction's.

Ismanto Wahyudi
Recycled Keyboard, circuit board,
acrylic painting on board

Bambang Pramudiyanto
Wayang Kertas
Painting, acrylic on canvas

Eddie Purwantoro
The Last Tree
Acrylic on canvas

Suryadi Suyamtina
Time Machine
Painting, acrylic on canvas

Seeds and secret 1, Seeds and secret 2
Drawing and sketches with glass box, book,
paper, pen, guoche and natural pigment

Syarif Hidayat
Once upon a time in Sumatera
Painting, acrylic on canvas

Save the polar bear, Helping other people do more, It's about personal transformation,
It's about our kids sake, It's our responsibility
Painting, oil on canvas

Hardiman Radjab
Siamese Twin

Dede Eri Supria
Survivors #2
Oil on Canvas

Joni Ramlan
The garbage is a threat to yourself
Paintng, acrylic on canvas

Lutse Lambert Daniel Morin
War Race
Installation in Iron

Dipo Andy
National Poetic (in general title)
Mixed Media

Me likey this one!

Tisna Sanjaya
Panen Plastik dan Beras
Installation, Plastic grinding machine, plastic waste
photo and video documentation

Fx Lucky
Today Sin
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas

Aidi Yupri
M.E.M.O. K.O.T.A
Painting, acrylic on canvas

Amalia Kartikasari
To control or to be controlled
Painting, wood, acrylic on canvas
3d Video Mapping

Komunitas Grafis Pinggiran
Disharmonic Food Chain
Graphic, Hardboard on canvas

S Teddy D
Kolam Susu
Installation aluminium and variable dimension

Recycled Experience
by Evan Driyananda & Attina Nuraini
Transform in secret factory
Installation mixed media

Ay Tjoe Christine
Painting, acrylic on canvas

Heri Dono
Scapegoat Republic

Komunitas Atap Alis
Installation, used plastic food wrap, plastic bottles, drum lid
Variable dimension in size

This is made by kids btw~ :)

Farhan Siki
Iron, Vynil, Paper collage and stencil on wood

Eddy Susanto 
City of God
Painting, acrylic fluorescent on canvas

Hendra Bayu
Wishes in the bottle project
Painting, acrylic on canvas, bottle and paper

Dahlan Sofwandi
Acrylic on canvas

Rocka Radipa
Nature Chat Frequency
Brass Etching


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