Sunday, April 17, 2011


17th April 2011

Sunday morning.
My mother always go bikin on Sunday with her gang. And the gang called BBC (Batavia Biking Club). This ladies are not only cycling every Sunday, most of them usually show up or participate at social gathering such as charity gala, art social events and many other things. You can find ladies from different background from housewives, artist to socialites.

So, this time our cycling took place at BSD (Bumi Serpong Damai) where to go to that area take about 45 minutes. We got there about 6.30 ish in the morning and it was fun!!

Until our last round suddenly Canti, my sister, took me by surprise by riding so close to me until her stem bar got caught to mine and I had to thrown myself away from my bike. I basically fell hard from my bike!!
And one of my parents friend took a photo of my sister and I on the ground with Canti's right knee bleeding and little holes on my pants.

bruised and scratched 

I was trying to protect my face unconciously that my right elbow hit the ground first then the back of my shoulder. Got up a little shocked and Canti was repeatedly saying Sorry. lol

Got back to the golf club house, Canti was maybe still in shock after the fell and betadine incident. She sat down straight away inside our car and suddenly got up start screaming about how she start seeing stars and everything. Apparently she was having a little hard time to breathe. Everytime you do a heavy exercise before stopping to rest you need at least to breath deeply and make sure oxygen comes through your system. If not, this could occur,

Last but not least is the BEST part. FOOD at the end of our cycling routine.

Later at night, went to Om Zen (our close family friend who is a healer by practicing aqupressure combined with chiropractic). He cracked back all dislocated bones and joints from the fall.

-___- even my jaw... *sob sob

Lesson learnt from this experience :

Do NOT cycle close too Canti



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