Monday, April 18, 2011



Maybe the topic is a bit too late, though I was looking through my iPhoto and found the Behind The Scene on the making one of the rubric in my magazine. What do I do for a living? I wish to make the world peace and care less about money. LOL. 
What I do for living is to create certain topic and theme for FAR magazine, which this media accommodate the young to senior artists mainly in Indonesia. Also the connection between the socioculture nowadays. When we talk about art, it is very wide. So my job is to make sure every aspect of art; graphic, illustration, installation, music, performance even fashion, is to be discussed in an easy understandable and interesting way :) At least I try it to be, and I am still trying my best ;)

FAR magazine covers

So anyway, I was going through photos I had and there was this photo session that really stick on me. There were plenty photo shoot that make an expression on me but I am eager to show you this one.
It happened after I met up with my diving friend, Syeny Tjandra. We were talking about diving, since it has been one of our hobbies, she suggested about having an underwater photo session. Which when it happened I totally forgot to call her!! (sorryyyy!! -__-)
Then we arranged to meet the right underwater photographers. And published it on FAR magazine 11th edition. Where we have one of our guitarist legend, Setiawan Djodi.

The session was in the Senayan pool, it was so hot that day that I sweat like as if I am in a sauna room wearing a sweater. My little sister, Canti Tachril was one of the model, which she was so eager to try this new experience. Since it would be impossible to borrow some designer collection because we are going to be inside the pool, so Reni, my assistant, and I decided to use cloths. WHICH, was very heavy in the water!! xD 

She was the one that jump on the pool first with the bluish flounder make up. She was wearing mask when jumping in and then I realized there were some orange color coming out from the mask when she talked to me. So I asked her to remove the mask, and her nose was bleeding (!!). Everyone was panic and there was this lady that ran from the edge of the place (which was soooooo far away) and grabbed my sister, pulled her out the pool. And my sister gave me the look with her confused face, "why everyones making a panic attack out of this?". In our family, having a nose bleed is normal. So that explains her confusedness.

The photo shoot took about 8 hours, total with the settings and make up plus getting the model to be in the right place. Since they don't use mask down there, they cannot see anything. Total blur. The photo shoot went well even with the loooong hours of working trying to get it right and making people comfortable. It was fun! And the next day my sister was temporarily blind for the whole day!

Here are some photos I took myself. I was basically swimming along without any BCD. Holding my breath down there to make sure the cloth fell the right way and taking these shots ;)



Arthur in action

And below are 2 photos among some others that we published,

 It was a great experience! And I wish one day I can be the one photographed ;)
We had fun, until the sky turned dark and the pool was giving us the eerie feeling~



  1. Wow! The photo shoot looked like so much fun! Konsep dan idea fotonya bagus banget!

  2. Hey Ran!

    I know this is very very late, but I just saw your apology today. LOL. I don't even remember it anymore.

    Anyway, just wanna say "Get your sexy little bummy back to Jakarta and let's go under(water)!!"


    Syeny Tjandra