Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Saturday is usually a ME day, because Sunday we usually spend it with the family. My routine on Saturday is wake up in the morning have a little play time with the puppies, go to vet when if needed and dance till afternoon. But last Saturday was a little different. At first it was my mom who asked me to come along, persuade me by offering if I want to go ride the train from Gambir station and go around  Jakarta. And I was like, "OH". Why this offering is interesting to me? Well for those who lives in Jakarta would probably know that the trains here are not really..... ride-able. LOL. At least for the girls, its not save, people been molested, well you can imagine all possibility of bad things. But this is only the inner city lane. The ones that goes out city usually good.

The even was brought by Yayasan Warna Warni Indonesia. Where this organization focus on appreciating Indonesia's heritage and conserved them.

April is the month we recall one of our hero, R.A Kartini. She was credited as the one who started the move on Women need to be educated in Java when the Holland still controlled the country.
According to Kartini, a nation's progress must begin from how the people think, its openness and understanding. The society will widen their minds and develop if its focus through the right education. For this, women have to be educated as well. 

Train on this matter is also one of the country's heritage. The rail industrial has been of the witness of Kartini's struggle throughout her mission on developing its society. There were discussion and exchanging ideas on the train between Kartini and Abendanon Mandri, Director of Teaching affairs, along with his wife.  Later we know Kartini has made the concept of community development called NOTA Kartini. 

While on the train to see the population density of Jakarta, this event is also to:
1. Get to know Kartini's mind
2. Familiarize with the city's cultural heritage railway as the symbol of modernism
3. Get to know that Tanjung Priuk station is the station that dispatch the first electric locomotive and also its beauty
4. Aware the importance of conserve and empower our heritage focusing on railways.

Not to mention this station has been the sanctuary for homeless and closed for over 10 years!!! 

I tool a liberty on taking some photos on the day, the guests wear dress code which is white casual and a little touch of Indonesia's archipelago. How cute these women with their ethnic look!!

Songket Bali

one of the event committee

even the little one dress up! <3

Lasem batik

Tenun Batak

Harry Darsono with his safari look

from left: Inti Subagio, Etty Djodie, Esther Sulaiman, Ghea Panggabean (fashion designer), Rahmi Aditaher, Miranda Goeltom, Tini Soegomo, Mimi Sea, Moniq Basamalah and Nanuk K

with Putri Kusumawardani (President of Mustika Ratu) and Poppy Darsono

The Darsono siblings and their match up clothes

what I wear that day

LOVE this hat!! 

Batavia (Betawi) style

Kartini plate

This event has fashion show by Danar Hadi and Milla house. I did not stay until the end because I have another appointment that day. I heard there were fashion show on the train collection of Auguste Soesarto. I'll post up some pics if I can get some photos ;)


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  1. Mantap Ran! Btw, kayaknya hari2 penting nasional sepertinya tidak begitu diperingati lagi yah. Saya saja sampai lupa kalau April itu Hari Kartini =(. Selamat Hari Kartini Ran, selamat hari wanita. Jgn diving2 mlulu, nanti tomboy, wahahahahha!