Thursday, April 14, 2011


Rusly Tjohnardi was on the last row on the runway. I have been so hungry and tired since the event was delayed and late for around more than half an hour! It was on Sunday night too, although waiting for the show was worth it. The song, blocking, bridal collections and the theme were beautifully presented.

The theme was fairy-tale, with a lot of sponsors to help the shows including nail artist, wig, make up artist and decoration! I personally love the trees background, I feel like stealing one for my room.

From the blocking this short dresses collection come out on the same part. It seems
these 6 dresses can be use as the bridesmaid's dress. With a lot of draping and and layers make sentimental and fresh look  

can't go overboard with the insect or creatures accessories, 
since its a fairy-tale ;)

Details on this dress never fails to WOW me, the elegant tulle scarf look on the neck and 
the crystal embroidery fall in the right places. Even the bottom and wide of the dress.
It might look corny on a normal dress, again, it goes well for a wedding dress. Not
too much attributes, enough glamour

The last dress.
Maybe take off the over accessorized tiara ;)


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