Thursday, April 14, 2011


At last!!!!

The last of bridal fashion show for Bazaar wedding 2011. I have been looking and picking on these shots and eventually got annoyed by how many photos I took, lol.
That is what happened when you are indecisive, and I am very indecisive, also because I want to show whoever lurking on my blog what I saw that day. With its complete collections. Ahaahhaa~

So anyway, the last show was given to Irsan, which to be honest I have never heard about him. In the end of the show he did not show himself as well. Although at the start it seems this person is going to give splendid collections because there were Oscar Lawalatta and other fashion people. So, fingers cross you will enjoy the collection like I did.

Note: The theme is wedding Couture, so don't expect something normal bridal would wear ;)


Exactly, something you won't wear on your wedding day. Or maybe you would!? :) I like the sweater top with the frill on the bottom, the one that wears the cross necklace. After my wedding day I would probably chop the bottom and make it a sweater instead :D hehehhehe~

What about you?


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