Monday, November 8, 2010


Continuous to the previous post,

Oscar Lawalata: Weaving the Future show was next, it started at 7pm and I can see a lot of people were anticipating to enter the area. I went there with my mom and we got the front row for this, same as the fashion show before. Oh yeah I forgot to say, last year shows wasn't that hot because of the lights. I don't know why this year was HOT AS. The designer collaborate with a Textile designer from England, Laura Miles.

Anywho, Here are some of my favorite garments.

love the heels!

Oscar Lawalatta

Oscar Lawalata Culture has always been committing to preserve and uphold the Indonesian cultural values; to combine Oscar Lawalata's design expertise and to enhance the growth of weavers' economy through the use of the weavers' work.
He ecplores gracefully the emotional richness of our culture by materializing the emotional richnessof our culutre by materializing the glorious of Indonesian woven silk structure into a whole new world of fashion, and turning them into a strong fashion statement.
Though his project: Weaving the Future, this project was declared the Winner of Young Fashion Entrepeneur 2009 in London, this is also to initiate a sustainable social - based business link between UK and Indonesia.


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