Monday, November 15, 2010


In Indonesia, who doesn't know Ghea S. Panggabean. She is an Indonesian fashion designers who inspired many young talents. After graduating her fashion studying in London, she decided to design and get her inspiration from Indonesia, who many thought of would not be appealing enough. Apparently her touch of classic Indonesian patterns and cloths made it big. 
She has been a great insipration and designer for 30 years and on this year Jakarta Fashion Week, was also her 30 Years Dedication to Fashion.

"There are two things in my mind. First, I am an Indonesian designer, who must lift up something from where I am coming from. Though not many people thought that way, I'm not ashamed of itSecond, I want my works not just as art, but must meet the elements of art and its classical. Like paintings, despite tens of years, it still can be enjoyed" 
Ghea S Panggabean

she got a real insence on her head! Lit too!

Ghea on the right and her 2 twin daughters holding her granddaughter

new collection for baby wear soon!

Miroto the Dancer

Mrs Pia Alibasyah, Biyan, Dewi Chief Editor and Mrs Punjab

and this is what I wear that night~


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