Sunday, November 7, 2010


Jakarta Fashion Week day 1 (for me),

It was Sunday afternoon, rather than sleeping on the bed and have a chill day I decided to go to Jakarta Fashion Week for the Grazia Glitz&Glam show: where celebrity meets fashion, Oscar Lawalata: Weaving for the Future and Level One. 

The Grazia Glitz&Glam fashion show was a 6 collaboration celebs + fashion designer, Daniel Mananta with Damn! I Love Indonesia, Ina Thomas, Flirt by Indah Kalalo & Fabiola, Ivan Gunawan, Kathy Sharon and Dollhouse by Marissa Nasution.

Personally I LOVE Ivan Gunawan collection!! IT WAS SUPERB. 

And then after that we have Damn I love Indonesia, Kathy Sharon, Ina Thomas collection, Dollhouse by Marissa Nasution and Flirt by Indah Kalalo & Fabiola.

Kathy Sharon

Ina Thomas


That's the end of Grazia Fashion show for that day. 
I will post the rest of Oscar Lawalatta and Level One show on the next post. My internet connection seems to be a bit moody at the moment........


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