Thursday, December 9, 2010


Last weekend my family decided to go to Bali for mountain biking with my dad's mountain biking group.
I have to say this experience was crazy, I know that my dad's group go biking every weekend and they did crazy cycling but I never thought this time we went off road like that.
We stayed in Bedugul area which is the west Bali, around Bedugul you can find Beratan lake where there built one of the oldest temple, Ilu Danu Beratan temple.

statue in front the lobby entrance

a little moth (?) or maybe butterfly (?) on my brother's head


national park "eka karya" Bali

the corn monument, here we always make pit stop

believe it or not, this is one of the biking track

apparently a lot of people already warned us about the 'poisonous' plant around the national park. I forgot what's the name, the plant have big and wide leaves with white marks and if u accidently touch them it gives you a very prickly itch followed by burning if you touch or scratch them, even pouring water doesn't help, at all

my dad with the local boys

first stage of uphill

steep, slippery, rocky uphill.
this hill goes FOREVER.

a shrine that the locals use to pray

a little sweetness on the way back to Corn monument

my brother's lucky shoes

grilled fish that everyones fighting for

when the fog enters the city, it starts to smoke up

one of the sacred tree at Inu Danu Beratan temple

the front lawn


Beratan lake


on the way to markets


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