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On Wednesday 2010 1st December my mom got the invitations for Bazaar Fashion Concerto 2010, the theme this year is FashionTech. Let me tell you a little bit what I know about Bazaar Concerto. 
It is a collaboration of music and fashion show of Indonesia's latest fashion trends. The fashion they showed here are more to the non ready to wear type. It is the 4th event of every 2 years and this time it is also Bazaar Indonesia's 10th anniversary.

Fashion designers who participate in this year show were 

Deden Siswanto, GREAT GALORE
For him the future does not mean surrendering totally to the advancement of technology and forget the value - the value of noble culture has been existing since long. He collaborated with Donny Liem as the Make up & hair artist, showing Deden perception of fashion in the future. 

Using the aspects of lining, material and cross - line to show the style of an independent woman. The detailed ingredients provide 3D perspective with a different silhouette shapes of modern buildings, the natural formation and range of organic herbs. Make up & Hair by Adi Adrian.

Kiata Kwanda, SCULPTECH
Balinese designer who specialized in the cloth material, with his characteristic of moulage technique above sculpture and now converting to biascut style with a variety of pieces which then uses sewing grafting technique. Collaborating with Jimmy Himawan as the Hair & Make up artist, the collection today gives the neat feeling.

Expressing her new collection by body painting as sewing technique and latex. Having alien as her inspiration, Sally new collection rocks the place as if its planet Mars. Collaborating together with Gusnaldi.

This is the first time for Wita to participate in BFC. Her simple yet advance techniques create diversity in volume and dimension. For Wita, fashion goes hand in hand with the technology advances, thus this will create new techniques and material processing. Together Qiqi Franky & Team she creates variety motion  in her new collection.

Sapto Djojokartiko, FLYSIONARE
He choses the assembly technique with the specific coordinate hard materials like wood to create the organic feeling. His inspiration came from the influence of the current and future. Through this collection he reveals the human desire to 'fly', working together with Phillip Kwok for Hair & Make up.

Oka Diputra, RE - EVOLUTION
The future is part of natural phenomenon that is illustrated through marine life evolution. The black lover designer stated that the growth of fashion in the future will concentrate on the synthesis material processing as ready to wear and high fashion material. Collaborate with Michael Zimbalist as Hair & Make up.

Revealing tribal nuance as his 10th year being a designer in Indonesia, having Avatar as his make up inspiration. Inspired by African culture, using plastic rattan as his main material. His interest in cultivating tradition also as a reflection of lifestyle for the modern live. Make up & Hair by Wim Soeitoe for KLEO Beauty.

Susan Budihardjo, THE GLASSES PAGES
A teacher also senior designer Indonesia that has been enliven Indonesia's fashion industry. She gets her inspiration from the geometric pages of books that adapted into the form of adiluhung clothing and geomtrical effects combined with a touch of glass buildings. Together with Qiqi Franky & Team they create a show that is must see.

Inspired by the updated trend his military trend look is quite rampant in this season, with the elegancy and glamorous shades. It emphasis the details of a quite rich variety of techniques such as pattern structure, folling and laser cutting. Together with Oscar Daniel on Make up and Hendro Revco on Hair they close up the show with a loud bang.

what I wear that night


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