Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Sorry for the delay!

I have been busy these few weeks on my magazine deadline. It has driving me crazy, I felt like I haven't rest for a while. It feels like you are running with a gun pointed to your back or something.

Anyway, Dewi Fashion Knight was the last big bang of Jakarta Fashion Week 2010. Yes I know its a bit last week kinda thing but I feel bad not posting it after all the hassle that I have to go through trying to get some of these shots.
In this fashion show, there were Ali Kharisma; 3 times has been chosen to participate in DFK and also the head of APPMI Bali, Tex Saveiro; is the finalist of the Fashion Designer Competition in 2005 and achieved the Concours Internationale des Jeunes Creatures de Mode and de Bijoux also the winner of Mercedes Benz Asia Fashion award. Priyo Oktaviano, one of the DFK veteran that always and never fail to impress me, its theatrical and concept has always been the most anticipated one. Stella Risa, her debut was on 2008 when she arranged her own show. She is one of the talented new generation in fashion industry Indonesia. Kiata Kwanda, after having a decade experience in Paris, chose to go home and grow the business in Bali and Surabaya. Its style focus on simplicity, purity and harmony.



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