Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hello all!

I haven't been blogging for a very long time, yes I noticed. This is because of my work, my social life, being lazy like always and my boyfriend proposed on January! :)))))
So things have been coping up with each other inside this head of mine, I forgot to update my blog xD 

To start of my blog I want to start of with a story about my dogs; Ibon, Brandon, Mowi and Bening.


Ibon is a mutt, basically I don't know what breed she is. My mother bought Ibon for me when I was in High school. That time I was not trusted by my parents so they basically forbid me to go out and such. To ease my bore I asked for a dog, and I thought my mother would go to the pet store and buy me a dog from there, like a toy dog or pure breed or something. Instead my parents took me to this area called Manggarai, where it is famous for people selling stolen or stray pets and make a fortune for it! LOL.
And there she is :) as beautiful as it is, but still I don't know what breed xD


Brandon was my father's idea. Long story, short. I got home and suddenly there a 3 months Siberian Husky on the garage running towards me and hug me. Someone gave Brandon to my dad and if I am not mistaken it was the person who we bought the house near us. This one has been tearing up the house, from the roof to the soil of our house! I am not sure why he doesn't bark though, he howls. 


Mowi a.k.a Mohawk, is a cross between corgi and maltese. When my brothers and I were still living in Sydney I provoke and convinced my brothers to get another dog after my previous dog got run over by this Land Rover in the city :( We drove to this woop woop which I forgot where and my boyfriend's car got fined because he didn't have that tag thing to pay the toll. When I left Sydney I asked my boyfriend's father if I can put him there until I am able to bring him home. After a while, Mowi is in Jakarta  now :)


And last, Bening. The albino German Shepherd. She is the youngest from all and do not get fooled by the round eyes, this one happens to be the meanest one. She is loud!! And very protective around the house, but when we walk her out she is as cute as a baby. We got her from one of my dad's best friend. The purpose of having her is to be Brandon's mate. No luck yet.

Brandon died around 2 weeks ago and it broke everyones heart. Especially my eldest brother. The story with Brandon was last December we realized he got Distemper. Which he got it from stress after a doctor around my area shaved his whole body because of fungus, before this he was a healthy and happy dog. And the fungus was not on ALL of his body.

We tried every vet and they all said the same thing, "put him to sleep". I was in Turkey when my brother told me this news, I remember I was crying at night like I never cried! My brother tried his bestest and heard from his friend about Dr. Cucu. Open her practice in Sunter, Jakarta Barat. And heard she is the BEST. And yes I have to say she is, Brandon was healthy again, his hair was growing and he was fatter :)

We did not expect that he would die because my driver did not see him walking near the car and got ran over by it :( He got up for about 10 minutes and died because of internal bleeding. When I went to see him he was already dead.
After we burry him my dad said that things happened for a reason and the reason is we have 4 new puppies at home. Which we still not sure who impregnate Ibon, my mutt whose age is maybe 10 years old or a little more.

How the puppies were born was also another story. I just finished my dancing class in the afternoon went home and sit in front of my computer. While I was gazing on the screen I heard some squeaking. Was not really sure what it was I went downstairs and open the terrace door and called my dogs on the backyard, which were Ibon and Mowi, my corgi. Very strange because usually Ibon would fight to come everytime she hears the door. So I called her louder and she came out from under the bushes. Came near me and then start a fight with Mowi which is very rare for them to do. Separate them and Ibon went back straight away behind the same bushes she went out from. Feeling something is up I asked my gardener to go see what's there. And there they are, just born puppies!






So continuing from what my dad said, "things happened for a reason", I think Brandon gave us something before he left. Well we are not sure if they are Brandon's or Mowi's. If its Mowi's then Allah really planned this :) one of them remind everyone of Brandon.

Things happened for a reason, whether it seems to be the worst thing happens to you or the whatsoever. Everything happens for a reason. And yes again, I am a proud grandma!


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